Wedding themes

Whenever one is planning a wedding there are so many things to consider. The theme that you choose will determine a lot of things. There are some of the guests who pick up even the slightest faux pas in you décor or the theme you choose. The theme chosen will affect among other things colour and the cake as well as flowers.

The highlight of any wedding ceremony is the cake. There are those who break out of the norm and instead do something a bit different like take a traditional meal disguised as a cake. All in all, the absence or presence of the cake is one subject for another day. But there will be a cake then how it has been constructed as well as the layers, the taste just to mention but a few count a lot. Professional chefs can be explained to the desires of the bride and the groom and in so doing they try and make that dream a reality. The wedding dress is also arguably a highlight but the colour is usually white therefore it does not affect many things.




The bouquet is something else of importance to look at. The flowers chosen have to bring out an element of freshness as well as a colour theme. Some people choose roses while other carnations while some others simply go for a mixture of lilies just to mention but a few. In all this however there is a certain theme trying to be achieved.

In line with all these things there are dress codes. They are not so famed but some who go for the same require that their guests show up looking a certain way. Therefore if members agreed that it would be denim on denim then it would be so. White has also gained fame over time. Ina all these however, as much as the guests are encouraged to dress to kill, it is not regarded a good thing to overshadow the bride. It is her day hence over shadowing her is a definite faux pas.

There are some couples who go for a vintage wedding. It is absolutely beautiful. The ancient feel and to complete it the cars should also be of the vintage type. To pull out this theme however requires capital as it is quite expensive. There are those of the fairy tale opinion, Cinderella and all. The horse chariot to the horses are also quite costly hence the capital should be ready.

Whatever one chooses as a theme for their weddings, it is advisable to get advice from professionals as they have been in the field longer and had a wealth of experience. They will be able to give you an insight with useful researches and using illustrations if need be. It is also advisable to work with a trusted organiser of events. One that is renowned and has made a name for themselves in the field. In so doing you may be able to sleep easy for the rest of your planning and ultimately enjoy the wedding day.