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Wedding in Halkidiki

In Halkidiki there is something for every couple for planning the perfect destination wedding.

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Wedding Themes

Whether you love the idea of a beach theme, peacock theme, or country themed wedding, we have all the advice and inspiration.

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Halkidiki Beaches

The beaches in Halkidiki are famous for their soft sand, the crystal water and lush surroundings.

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Best Romantic Wedding Destinations

Danai Beach Resort and Villas

Danai Beach Resort and Villas has a luxurious hideaway which is characterized by breathtaking nature including lush Mediterranean gardens and sandy beaches that has tranquilizing sound of waves that provide an ideal environment recreation. The resort has also a number of suites and villas that provide exceptional services in a unique style and design.

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Nefeli Luxury Villas

The Nefeli luxury villas have all that you need for your glamour wedding. It is surrounded by the beautiful gardens and offers a wonderful view of the clear crystal waters. It is popular for its discreet style, privacy and the comfort, the facilities and the lovely surrounding makes this resort to be one of the best wedding venues in Halkidiki.

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Greece wedding

A wedding ceremony is one of the rites of passage that are considered mandatory for most people in the world. Though it is one of the most important, it is not one that if you do not go through it something will not happen to you. There are many activities that are all part and parcel of the whole ceremony that is called a wedding ceremony. There are the pre-wedding ceremonies that involve the bachelor’s party. There are the events that are for the material day and then there are the post wedding activities. While planning you have to take all this into account.

Halkidiki is one of the regions that is situated in the current day northern regions in a country that is known as Greece. This region is quite exotic as it is one of the regions that has the Mediterranean feel and also has a tropical atmosphere. The major land and water bodies that are located in the regions are the beaches that give place to the massive water bodies that surround the region. As a result of this, the place is rendered to be one of the regions that is romantic and where love gestures are held. To crown this, there are very many weddings occasions that occur in the region on an annual basis.




Due to the huge number of beaches that in the area, there are a wide variety of hotels that have been created each with its own unique décor as well as the designs. Due to this, there is the provision for rooms where one can rent in order for them to hold their guests for, during and after the wedding ceremony. The hotels also have conference rooms and also some private gardens that they are able to provide to the couple. This rooms can be good for the couples to hold their ceremonies which involve the exchanging of vows. The rooms vary in space size depending on the number of guests that you are expecting. The gardens are also not in all the hotels and as a result it is best to consult if you are planning to have one.

Some of the hotels that are located in the country mentioned above and more so the region above are listed below where they provide the venue of the couple vow event to the couples that are willing to dig deeper into their pockets: Sani Beach, Achtis Hotel, Alia Palace Hotel, Ekies all Senses resort and finally the Eagles Palace. The hotels listed above on top of offering the venue for the wedding, they also give the couple and their guests a venue where they may hold their reception. Here they may be able to have a bite as well as the dancing and cake cutting ceremonies. They give you a room or a tent for those that prefer an outdoor scenario. This will ensure that you have a private moment with only the chosen few or many that you have invited to your ceremony. Booking a holiday in the same hotel where the couple has had their wedding a year or two ago can become the perfect gift for their anniversary. Of course there are hundreds of other options and these wedding gift ideas can help you find the perfect one!

Before the wedding ceremonies, there are some couples that tend to like to have either the bachelors or the bachelorettes party. This is also aided in the region of Halkidiki as there are many night clubs that are within the vicinity. To those that just love to kick it back and relax, there is also the provision for massages as well as spas. Here, you may go for the main purpose of taking the edge off since it is well known that planning a wedding may be quite stressful. The spas and the massage sessions are in most cases located in most of the hotels that are within the region. The spa service and massage may also come in handy to the couple during their honeymoon.

After the wedding ceremony, the couple in most cases tend to go for their honeymoon trip. Rather than overspending in the matter of choosing a different place for holding the wedding and finally going for the honeymoon, why not combine them both. The region since it has the many beaches within it, it will give you a nice time for relaxing and hanging out with your new life partner. In the summer times, there will also be adequate sun so that you may be able to busk out in the sun. There are also other programs that one may visit that include hiking as a couple. The rooms that are in most of the hotels that one may choose to book are also designed such that the feeling of the rooms once you specify that they are for honeymoon are loving in nature. They all possess a romantic atmosphere within them. There is also a lot of privacy from one room to another.

Based on research that was conducted a while back, it was noted that most of the people that held their weddings in the region of Halkidiki, they almost always come back to the same region for their anniversaries. As a result of this, the number of tourists that visit the country on an annual basis has also risen. The couples that visit the country for their anniversaries do not at all always visit the same place that they went to the past year. They may choose to change an environment for many reasons and as a result, all the hotels in this region compete to possess the best services and also the most affordable prices for the wedding couples.

In the case where you are just visiting, there are very many places that one may go so that they may have fun in the town of Halkidiki. The places that are mentioned above include: Museum, caves parks and also the different hotels in the region. On top of this, there is the major one which is the good beaches that the region has. All this will keep one busy and always on your toes and at no one time will you be bored in the region.

Most of the services and goods that we have discussed in the article all require some sort of payment. As a result, it is best to negotiate to a price that you are comfortable with before you begin asking for the ceremony or the time to stay.