About Us



Delphi is a lovely lady who loves to plan weddings. She started getting into things like this when she was a young girl and decided that she wanted to help other people unite together. She likes helping get the dress and all of the decoration in place. She will help you through the whole process of your wedding and have everything you want and more. You will never see her fail because she makes sure that it is done her way or no way. If you need anything done then you just call her up and she will make sure to show you the plans before she evens puts it into the plans.

Bibi a young woman who started out wanting to design cakes for weddings and even designing dresses for a living has decided that she wants to do so much more. She wants to be in the action of it all. With all the planning and all the stress, she wants to keep the bride and groom calm and satisfied. She will give you ideas or she will let you do all of the planning as long as you tell her what you want and where you want it. She loves helping with the cake and the dress because she wants that for herself.

Rory believes that the job is not done till the honeymoon is over. She will help you in so many ways that you will be wanting to have your friends go to her. When you get ready you give her a call and she will get started right away. She will have the wedding planned and the honeymoon. Her mission in the whole thing is to keep everything in order so nothing happens or ruins the plans. She wants to send the couple away to the honeymoon of their dreams. She gives you so much more that you will ask her to plan other events for you and so much more.

These three women came together one day with hope of making a couple’s dream wedding a success. They all decided that using the worldwide web was going to be the best decision for making their hopes a reality. As the saying goes, “the rest was history”.