Top 7 Halkidiki Beaches

Greece is a place of stunning natural beauty. It also on top of that has among of the most breathtaking and beautiful beaches in the whole world. The beaches of Halkidiki are known for their crystal water, soft sand, and their lush surroundings. Today we get to look at the top 7 beaches of Halkidiki. Read on to find out more.

1. Karidi beach

Karidi beach is divided into two. The main beach and the second one is towards the south. The beaches are simply breathtaking and huge magnets to tourists during summer and one of most sought after beaches in Sithonia. Karidi beach is often featured in magazines and websites as what a real vacation entails.

This beach is quite shallow and is like a large natural aquamarine swimming pool. Its’ sand is powdery soft. Grown up can walk even up to 50+ meters and still water won’t get past their waist. It simply the perfect family vacation if you have kids who want also to enjoy this water.

2. Trani Ammouda beach, Livrohio

Livrohio Beach is the main beach on the north of the village. The beach is a wide and long strip of perfect sand for your feet which has been given the name as a “the Blue Flag” beach. The beach has probably one of the largest sand level areas in all of Sithonia and probably also Halkidiki.

3. Orange beach (Kavourotripes)

Orange beach is also named Kavourotripes (meaning crab holes) and Portokali. This quite well describes the beach that is a small white sand coves that are found over kilometers of coastline or actually many small beaches or. Be daring and explore since there are plenty small beaches that are quite difficult to access and these ones have few people on them.

4. Sarti beach

This beach is a resort which is still developing but has got everything for your vacation. It has got endless options of lounges, bars, and restaurants. Recently this beach has become well organized with beach bars which put out umbrellas, sunbeds, and water sports including diving and organized beach sports.

Its water is not that shallow yet not so deep and with the beach with the consistent sandy surface, you will not want to leave this beach at any moment

5. Toroni beach

Found in the Toroni village this beach is quite a very long “Blue-Flag” beach which lives up to all its hype. The beach is so big that it always seems empty even during pick seasons. Its setting is quite unique and spectacular with the site of the old Byzantine castle ruins as its trademark. At the base of this ruins, the harbor gives some spectacular diving opportunities, in this beach you can view the sunken ruins of its ancient town.

6. Kalamitsi beach

The Kalamitsi beach is a medium beach that is located on the southern tip of Sithonia. It is situated on a beautiful bay and the water is quite calm and sheltered. This bay has a direct opening to the sea that normally allows for remarkably crystal clear water. Diving is the best experience you can have in this area.


7. Kalogria beach

This beach is narrow and long which consists of soft and good sand for your feet. What makes this beach such an incredible and such a lure is the fact that it has plenty of water even then the beach. Its waters are calm and shallow and ideal for those who like to swim far or floating with their air mattresses. The beach is also perfect for kids to play and swim without you worrying they might drown.